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May 2022

Appointment – GDG Strengthens its Biological Pest Control Leadership

GDG Environnement, already acknowledged as a leader in biological pest control, has further fortified its scientific team by welcoming Richard Trudel, Ph.D., an experienced entomologist, as a full-time Scientific Advisor and Expert Entomologist.

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What does ChatGPT think of BTI?

Out of curiosity, we asked ChatGPT: Is Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis dangerous for the environment? And his answer did not surprise us!

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First detected case of West Nile Virus

Manitoba has reported the first-ever case of a person infected with West Nile virus in the province this year, and three other possible cases are currently under investigation, according to an announcement made by the province on Friday, August 25.

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The Socotec group, an independent third party specializing in the analysis of environmental risks and impacts, was commissioned to assess the Bti. The colossal work of this group will have made it possible to separate the scientific information and to decide on the safety of this biological control tool.

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AMCA “The American Mosquito Control Association”, 89th annual meeting

The American Mosquito Control Association' AMCA, will hold its 89th Annual Meeting February 27-March 3, 2023, in Reno, USA. The event aims to provide leadership, scientific information sharing and education leading to improvement in public health and quality of life through mosquito control.

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Impacts of Canada’s changing climate on West Nile Virus vectors

Reinforcing surveillance and proactive WNV control efforts will be critical to reducing risk, both now and under future climate scenarios.

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