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GDG offers a multitude of services aimed to help improve quality of life and protect public health.

The presence of biting insects or invasive plants and noxious weeds can have negative repercussions on your day-to-day life. GDG offers proven solutions for a better quality of life.

Case study

City of Trois-Rivières

Since 2008, GDG Environment has been using a biological agent to control biting insects in Trois-Rivières in order to reduce the nuisance caused by mosquitoes and black flies. The service was first offered in Trois-Rivières-Ouest and subsequently expanded to all remaining sectors.

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Karolann Trépanier : A Project Coordinator Passionate About the Biological Control of Biting Insects

November 2017

Meet Karolann Trépanier : a project coordinator passionate about the biological control of biting insects.

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Everything about the biological control of biting insects

October 2017

GDG has been acquiring expertise in the biological control of biting insects for more than 30 years. If this field has no secrets for us, it is not the case for everyone and we frequently receive questions about this service. Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

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Biological Control of Biting Insects: Assessment of the 2017 season

September 2017

With autumn coming, the season of mosquitoes and black flies is coming to an end. For GDG Environment, this means that our operations to reduce the nuisance caused by these biting insects have stopped and it's now time to do a balance-sheet. Have there been more mosquitoes this year? Are some regions more affected than others?

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